The process of planning, organizing, directing, monitoring & reviewing the financial resources with a view to achieve organizational goals & objectives

It is an important practice to manage the financial activities of an organization such as utilization the funds, revenue collection, payments made and managing cash flows

There are 3 main sources of getting cash inflow ie founder’s capital, fund raising and revenue generation

Businesses always face the challenge on how much to raise, which valuation method to use and how much equity to offer to investors or venture capitalist.


  • Financial projection
  • Valuation method
  • Equity allocation


  • Business model

Founder’s Capital

  • Business plan

There is no standard answer for the questions raised above

A good knowledge of the business nature, model, plan, strategies and exit method is crucial before we start the preparation. Founder will always want to offer less equity at higher price and investors will always look for good business and lower price to invest.


Dato’ Vimmy Yap

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