New business model is truly interesting.

The valuation of the following big data-driven businesses is very impressive too.

Public misconception is always data-driven solution only meant for giant businesses.

You can start the data gathering as early as day one. Building it as early as possible and make good use of data to create this valuable asset for your business

Big data-driven business model disrupt large companies with lots of traditional asset

World’s largest taxi company owns NO taxis

World’s largest accommodation provider owns NO real estate

World’s largest movie house owns NO cinemas

World’s most valuable retailer owns NO inventory

World’s most popular media owner owns NO content

World’s fastest growing bank owns NO actual money

Talk to the expert on how to make good use of open-source data analytics tool which is licensing fee free and easy to modify

“Think of Big Data and start with Small Data” is a great pathway to build a data-driven business.


M.G. Ong

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