How can you ensure your business stays evergreen and put up a fight against a looming recession?

It is important we do not get left behind and the time to educate ourselves and our key associates is now. We cannot afford to turn back time.

To echo Gandhi: the future depends on what you do today.

Working from home should also be monitored; not so much the behaviour of the employee but more so the management of data that is exchanged from network to network.

A country like Malaysia can be considered as having mixed phases of development and exposure on almost all fronts. The brick and mortar businesses were thriving prior to the pandemic and due to the government-imposed Movement Control Order (MCO), the adaptation to peddling their wares online was almost an overnight move. No doubt, the entire […]

It’s not inaccurate to say that the MCO is doing no favours for the economy; the shops are closed, most sectors are disrupted and shopping has gone down to a bare minimum. Everything’s slowed down out of fear of catching the virus. But you know what doesn’t slow down or get viruses (besides the malware […]

Anything we do for ourselves would mostly be because it brings benefits to us. Be it on a conscious-level or even something primal such as feeding our afternoon hunger for lunch. Just like businesses, we do what we can to improve it. And nothing can be further from the truth whereby data analytics is vital […]

As the world goes into stages of lockdown, the Internet is thriving with a slew of online events, webinars, virtual summits, Global Conversations and more. More and more people are slowly sifting through quality content and choosing their time slots of the day to avail themselves to new knowledge. What is more crucial would be […]

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