Knowing how to create your company assets is very important because it contributes to the valuation of a company be it start up or established business

Company assets include both tangible assets (such as building, machinery, equipment etc) and intangible assets (such as branding, intellectual property, data and goodwill)

There are short term and long term strategies on how to create and build your company assets.

Intangible assets represent potential revenue and value of your business

A solid and an action plan to create and build your company assets should be in place as early as possible in order to grab the opportunities along with your revenue growth

Let’s have a quick view on how branding play an important role to build your business assets

Brand experience is the totality of all sensations, feelings, thoughts, and actions evoked by a brand’s design and identity, packaging, communications, and environments

We influence our prospect and customer’s perception by building six essential elements of our brand:

  • Brand Purpose
  • Brand Consistency
  • Brand Satisfaction
  • Brand Story
  • Brand Marketing
  • Brand Evolution


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